The Carry On mission is to honor the sacrifice of our nation’s fallen military, law enforcement, firefighters and EMS through advocacy and the empowerment of surviving family members.

Carry On is a registered IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by United States Marine Corps Veterans. With your help, we can ensure America’s heroes are never forgotten and their legacies Carry On.

The Honor Log: The Honor Logs are designed to honor the sacrifice of our nations fallen heroes through the development of a memorial icon that invokes advocacy and cohesion.  Honor Logs are displayed and carried by volunteers at various events throughout each state. In addition military units, police, firefighters and EMS utilize the Honor Logs to instill cohesion and unity during physical training and selection processes. Lastly, the Honor Logs are displayed at office buildings and government headquarters through out each state to bring awareness and advocacy to the sacrifice of the fallen.


Cameron Dockery of Bearly Making It Chainsaw Carving is based out of Whitharral, Texas. Cam and his family are patriotic Americans that proudly support our nation’s law enforcement, military and Fire / EMS. Countless hours are put into the creation of these memorial icons that empower all who see them. Most of the artwork is carved into the cedar logs with a chainsaw. Cam donates 100% of his time and amazing skillset in the development of our Honor and Valor Logs.

Bearly Making It Chainsaw Carving


  • 7’ long represents the average length of a casket.
  • 22” in diameter to raise awareness of 22 veteran suicides per day.
  • 6 personnel to carry the log representing pallbearers.
  • Unique artistic designs specific to the fallen heroes of each state.